About Us

We represent concerned citizens with varied professional backgrounds who have united under one common goal: to aid with “early intervention” for potential new diagnoses subsequent to documented environmental EtO exposure.

Our Plan

We plan to focus on several arms of this project:

(1) Physician-Projected Exposure-Outcomes Education, Citizen/Community Health Advocacy Education (What to Expect When You Have Been Chronically Exposed guidelines).

(2) The establishment of a regional registry for collation of health impacts that otherwise are not reflected in the IL Department of Public Health Cancer database.

(3) to exhaustively explore the potential for filing a class action/mass toxic tort with request for a Medical Monitoring Fund or Medical Monitoring Program that would result in assurance that yet-to-be known health damages are covered at no expense to the residents of the region.

(4) To impact healthcare legislation when it comes, including toxic exposure history to establishing risk for some illnesses such as breast cancer.

Our Promise

We promise not to ask you for money and will solicit only your volunteerism in the form of allocating time to stopping EtO toxic polluters in the Western Suburban region of Chicago. 

We wish to thank...

Stop Sterigenics Admins and the 6,000+ Facebook Group

Stop EtO In Lake County Admins and Supporters


Sen. John Curran

Mayor Gary Grasso

Assistant Village Administrator Evan Walter

Trustee Guy Franzese

Trustee Tony Sciappa

Burr Ridge Environmental Quality Council

Mayor Frank Trilla and Willowbrook Trustees

Michael Hawthorne

Michelle Youngerman

Dave Savini

M.G. and Judy and Patrick

Join Us

We’re just getting started and this website was officially launched May 29, 2019. To submit your email to our growing list of people interested in Medical Monitoring. (Click here)

Health Awareness is Our Mission

We would love to hear your story!