Who Should Be Monitored

We believe anyone exposed to Ethylene Oxide is at greater risk of illness.  Your exposure is unknown, but you can get an understanding of the EtO concentration as collected by US EPA from November 13, 2018 through March 31, 2019 by reviewing the slides US EPA used during the summary of the entire testing regime.

A more insightful answer might suggest census tracts used by IDPH are an additional source of information, albeit an imperfect one because their use of census tracts with their irregular shapes and distances from the emitter result in erratic distances from source.

The population size IDPH determined for study area 2 is 72,049 potential exposed persons. This only tells us a small part of the story and that is because the population is mobile. According to U.S. Census 11.2 percent of the population moves each year. If you perform a simple analysis of the population over a twenty-year period you’ll discover the number of people that have health concerns numbers more than 4 hundred thousand people.

Health Awareness is Our Mission

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